The tools I use
  • Brackets text editor for my web development, I do it all by hand (no GUI tools here)
  • for their web framework, I use this in many of my site designs. A perfect tool set to learn good web site design.
  • offers an awesome set of icons for your enjoyment. As of writing this (April 2017, they are offering discounts to their new pro version).
  • to compress my images, quick and easy way to improve the performance of your websites.
  • Google website tester offers some level of indication on how well your site works. I think it's far too agressive, but a good guide.
  • helps me pick color palettes, even with my limited abilities on the artistic front
  • Google Fonts gives me the flexibility to pick a more pleasing font for my sites, I like Roboto, Raleway and a spattering of Titillium Web (used here)
  • Sony A7R Mk2 is a fantastic full-frame camera that has helped me up my game a little. I especially love the pictures taken at night in Moab, UT in 2015 (see here )
  • Sony RX100 Mk4 is my small hand-held camera, offering some pretty good shots for such a small device.